Mtn.View General Store

20 March 2015

Interested in Prints / Zombie Mugs / Geeky t-shirts or some other cool stuff? well, the Mtn.View General Store is the place you should be checking out!

Tina Ambrogi , the owner of this awesome place, says :

“Mtn. View General Store brings people together. Not just any people, but Mountain View locals. The Kiwanis Club and several local neighborhood organizations have held meetings at the cozy park bench right in front of the store. If you’ve walked around Mountain View, you’ve noticed there aren’t a lot of places to sit outdoors. Come on by Mtn. View General and relax at the outdoor seating area. While you are at it, sign the bench, or write on the blacktop with chalk, it’s that kind of welcoming atmosphere at Mtn. View General.”

Don’t forget to check the website: